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Corbearate exclusives (stylized as corBEARate exclusives, also known as corporate exclusives) are furry friends manufactured by Build-A-Bear on behalf of another company or group. They are distributed by the non-Build-A-Bear entity, sometimes being given out for free, and other times being sold at their own venues; very occasionally, they are sold on the Build-A-Bear webstore, but never in Build-A-Bear brick-and-mortar stores. They may be manufactured in quantities as low as less than 100.

This is not a definitive list of all corbearate exclusives.

Accu-Chek exclusives

Accu-Chek Rufus the Bear

Alpha Kappa Alpha exclusives

Alpha Kappa Alpha Charmed Bear

Alpha Kappa Alpha Honey Bear

Bank of America exclusives

Bank of America Banks the Bear

Bass Pro Shops exclusives

Bass Pro Shops Bear

Bissinger's Chocolates exclusives

Bissinger's Chocolates Bear

Bissinger's Chocolates Bunny

Borders exclusives

Borders Hal Moose

Borders Miles the Bunny

Catherine Cares exclusives

Catherine Cares Heartbeat Bear

CDW exclusives

CDW Bear


CDW Giraffe

CDW Monkey

CDW Moose

CDW Penguin

Charmin exclusives

Charmin Bear

Dylan's Candy Bar exclusives

Dylan's Candy Bar Bear

Embassy Suites Hotels exclusives

Embassy Suites Hotels Olympics Panda

Extended Stay America exclusives

Extended Stay America Hotels Bear

FedEx exclusives

FedEx Bear

Ford Motor Company exclusives

Ford Black Mustang

Ford Grey Mustang

Geico exclusives

Geico Gecko

Hallmark exclusives

Hallmark Bear

Hallmark Dog

Hallmark Kitty

Hallmark Pink Bear

Helzberg Diamonds exclusives

Helzberg Diamonds I Am Loved Bear (2019)

Helzberg Diamonds I Am Loved Bear (2020)

Helzberg Diamonds I Am Loved Bear (2022)

Helzberg Diamonds I Am Loved Bear (2023)

The Home Depot exclusives

The Home Depot Bear

Hot Topic exclusives

Hot Topic Furry N' Fierce

JC Penney exclusives

JCPenney Bear

Jelly Belly exclusives

Jelly Belly Bear

Jelly Belly Bear II

JetBlue exclusives

JetBlue Inflight Crewmember

John Deere exclusives

John Deere Baby Bear

John Deere Bear

John Deere Girl Bear

Lowes exclusives

Lowes Bear

The Magic House exclusives

The Magic House Bear

Medtronic exclusives

Medtronic Lenny the Lion

Medtronic Small Lenny the Lion

Michelin Tires exclusives

Michelin Tires Bibendum

Office Depot exclusives

Office Depot Teddy B. Caring

Republic of Tea exclusives

Republic of Tea Bear

Republic of Tea Panda

Snuggle exclusives

Snuggle Bear

Southwest Airlines exclusives

Southwest Airlines Attendant

Southwest Airlines Pilot

Southwest Airlines Ramper

Southwest Airlines Retro Hostess

Southwest Airlines Teddy Bear Day Bear

Stampin' Up exclusives

Stampin' Up Bear

United Airlines exclusives

United Airlines Bear

US Bank exclusives

US Bank S.T.A.R.T. Pig

Way of Lights exclusives

The Way of Lights is an outdoor Christmas lights display hosted by the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, a 200-acre outdoor Catholic shrine in Belleville, Illinois.[1] The Shrine has offered exclusive Build-A-Bears at this event since 2017. The Way of Lights exclusive bears tend to be based on existing Build-A-Bears, but some years are wholly unique designs.

Way of Lights Lamb

Way of Lights Longhorn

Way of Lights Camel

Way of Lights Fox

Way of Lights Polar Bear

Way of Lights Lion

Way of Lights Donkey