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IntroducedNovember 8, 2023 (Online US)[1]
November 17, 2023 (Online UK)[2]
CountriesUS, UK

Pompompurin is the golden retriever character released on November 16th, 2023. It is part of the Sanrio Collection.


"Let's go out!" Pompompurin is a Sanrio golden retriever known for his yellow fur and signature brown beret. He loves to nap and has a friendly, laidback demeanor. This Pompompurin plush also has the official Pompompurin logo on his left paw pad. Brighten your day by bringing home your own Pompompurin plush!


  • Pompompurin is the 6th Sanrio character released by Build-A-Bear.
  • Pompompurin was one of a few furry friends leaked to the collector community in July 2023[3]
  • Unlike previous Sanrio releases, Pompompurin was not made available on the UK website on the same day and time it was added on the US site.[4]


Pompompurin was available in at least one bundle. This is not a definitive list.