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Smallfrys banner

Build-A-Bear Smallfrys (also stylized as build-a-bear smallfrys) was a collection of mini furry friends that spanned late 2010 to early 2014. Smallfrys were about 7" (17cm) tall and had proportionally large heads compared to most other minis. Most Smallfrys were miniaturized versions of furry friends that had been previously released as full-sized, but others, such as Smallfrys Citrus Bunny, were wholly original designs.

Though the bears themselves were not strictly food-themed, Build-A-Bear used food-related language around the collection's branding, describing them as "feeding your friendship," "contain[ing] 100% of your daily allowance of laughter," and so on. In lieu of hangtags, the majority of the the furry friends from this collection were sold in collectible boxes resembling French fry cartons, with their feet sticking out of holes in the bottom. The cartons featured fake nutrition information (or "friendship information") on the back, in line with the food theming.[1]

Smallfrys in their classic boxes, from the set released February 2011

Unlike many mini furry friend collections, Build-A-Bear offered a variety of clothing options for Smallfrys, including shirts, pants, dresses, sleepwear, and outerwear.[2]

Smallfrys would go on to be rebranded as Build-A-Bear Buddies in 2014; a number of the later furry friends in this collection were sold under the Smallfrys branding initially and then sold under the Buddies branding after the transition.[3][4]

Known Smallfrys


Smallfrys Sassy Kitty

Smallfrys Marble Monkey

Smallfrys Endless Hugs Teddy

Smallfrys Cinnamon Swirl Bunny

Smallfrys Shaggy Pup (2010)

Smallfrys Peace Bear

Smallfrys Fabulous Frog

Smallfrys Read Teddy


Smallfrys Pawfectly Huggable Bunny

Smallfrys Peace & Friendship Bear

Smallfrys Camo Bear

Smallfrys Pink Poodle

Smallfrys Golden Retriever

Smallfrys Summer Hugs Bear

Smallfrys Pawsome Panda

Smallfrys Happy Chick

Smallfrys Colorful Hearts Teddy

Smallfrys Fuchsia Monkey

Smallfrys Curly Bunny

Smallfrys Cool Kitty

Smallfrys Penguin

Smallfrys Hip Hippo

Smallfrys Dragon

Smallfrys Peace & Smiles Teddy

Smallfrys Autumn Hugs Teddy


Smallfrys Turquoise Tiger

Smallfrys Lime Leopard

Smallfrys Purple Giraffe

Smallfrys Fuchsia Zebra

Smallfrys Endless Hearts Teddy

Smallfrys Fuzzy Koala

Smallfrys Tabby Kitty

Smallfrys Pink Hearts Teddy

Smallfrys Peace & Hearts Bear

Smallfrys Elephant

Smallfrys Fuzzy Lamb

Smallfrys Blossom Bunny

Smallfrys Parrot

Smallfrys Cow

Smallfrys Pig

Smallfrys Bubble Gum Bear

Smallfrys Mint Chip Bear

Smallfrys Hot Fudge Sundae Bear

Smallfrys Orange Sherbet Bear

Smallfrys Tropical Hello Kitty

Smallfrys Chococat

Smallfrys Purple Hello Kitty

Smallfrys Rainbow Hugs Teddy

Smallfrys Cheerful Monkey

Smallfrys Vanilla Cream Bunny

Smallfrys WWF Lion

Smallfrys WWF Cheetah

Smallfrys WWF Wolf

Smallfrys Ghost

Smallfrys Black Cat

Smartfrys Lil Bunny Big Ears

Smartfrys Poodle

Smartfrys Calico Cat

Smallfrys Pudsey

Smallfrys Blush

Smallfrys Happy Hugs Teddy

Smallfrys Sock Monkey

Smallfrys Pink Hello Kitty

Smallfrys Purple Hello Kitty II

Smallfrys Red Hello Kitty


Smallfrys Love Bug

Smallfrys Furever Hearts Bear

Smallfrys Blue Camo Bear

Smallfrys Confetti Cupcake Bear

Smallfrys Friendly Frog

Smallfrys Citrus Bunny

Smallfrys Chocolate Bunny

Smallfrys Cuddly Lamb

Smallfrys Pink Flower Hello Kitty

Smallfrys Sunny Hello Kitty

Smallfrys Shaggy Pup (2013)

Smallfrys Clydesdale

Smallfrys Rockin' Red Cardinal

Smallfrys Chocolate Labrador

Smallfrys Cuddly Puppy

Smallfrys Pawfectly Pink Flamingo

Smallfrys I Heart You Teddy Blue

Smallfrys I Heart You Teddy Pink

Smallfrys Beach Bear

Smallfrys Travelin' Sea Turtle

Smallfrys Oodles of Fun Octopus

Smallfrys Clever Fox

Smallfrys Smiley Skunk

Smallfrys Mighty Bear

Smallfrys Pink Pal Owl

Smallfrys Peace & Love Bear

Smallfrys Tropicolor Teddy

Smallfrys Frightfully Fun Girl

Smallfrys Mr. Monster

Smallfrys Merry Mint Pup

Smallfrys Hot Cocoa Moose

Smallfrys Festive Elf

Smallfrys Toy Soldier

Smallfrys Pink Pal Hippo

Smallfrys Snuggly Panda

Smallfrys Toothy Monster

Smallfrys Tie-Dye One-Eyed Monster

Smallfrys Stripes-A-Lot Bear

Smallfrys Stripes-A-Lot Bunny


Smallfrys Hugs-A-Plenty Puppy

Smallfrys Be Mine Bear

Smallfrys XOXO Kitty

Unknown year

Smallfrys Bunny

Smallfrys Poodle

Smallfrys Happy Hugs Teddy (international version)

Smallfrys Champ IV

Smallfrys BFF Heart Bunnny

Smallfrys I Heart NY Bear

Smallfrys Liberty Bear

Smallfrys Cook Children's Hospital Peaks the Dragon

Smallfrys Golden Pup

Smallfrys Vanilla Fudge Bunny